What Is Included In An Maintenance Contract?

An Irrigation System Maintenance Contract provides periodic site visits depending on the type and frequency of contract selected. The following services are performed during a maintenance contract:

Complete inspection of irrigation system

Manually run each zone

Check all sprinkler heads for adequate lawn and landscaping coverage

Replace filter screens in spray heads if needed

Clean grass out from around each sprinkler head if needed

Adjust sprinkler heads as needed

Check all shrub zones for adequate watering

Set irrigation timer for proper municipality watering restrictions

Check solenoid valves

Inspect water source

Check rain sensor

Additionally, any person or company participating in scheduled maintenance service contracts will not be charged a service call fee for any other irrigation services needed outside of their regularly scheduled maintenance services, only labor and material. This is up to an $89 savings per visit.

An annual inspection of a Backflow Prevention Device is mandated by Federal and Local Regulatory Agencies. An annual backflow device inspection includes the following:

Inspect for any existing leaks, advice if repairs are needed

Test all shut all valves for proper operations and tight shut off

Clean valves as needed

Test that PSID holds at proper pressure for valves

Complete testing report for submission to utility regulatory agency

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