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Irrigation Inspection Service in Las Vegas, NV

The best irrigation inspection in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

$40.00 Irrigation Inspection
(1-6 zones) call for more info.

Ever wonder if you irrigation system is doing it's job correctly?

What's included in this irrigation inspection service?

We inspect the following then we do a irrigation inspection;

  • Irrigation controller condition & settings 

  • Irrigation supply pipes

  • Irrigation shut off valve

  • Drip valves

  • Lawn valves

  • Wiring connections

  • Irrigation boxes 

We run each zone and inspect for the following;

  • Irrigation layout design & function

  • Identify current type of emitter heads

  • Inspect visible emitter heads 

  • Inspect lines for leaks

  • Inspect for expose lines

  • Inspect for proper emitters to each tree, plant and bush

  • Inspect zones for water pressure

  • Inspect sprinkler for proper spray coverage 

  • Inspect sprinkler heads for leaks 

  • Inspect irrigation nozzles type and coverage type

After the irrigation inspection is done we will hand you a full irrigation inspection report and estimate. We will show you all your problems and answer all your questions. If you agree to schedule the repairs or replacement we will waive the irrigation inspection fee and schedule the work as soon as the next day.


We offer the best warranty, quality on parts and the best workmanship in all of Las Vegas, NV.


Call us first or last our professionalism will stand out from the competition!

Hire the best irrigation company in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


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