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Residential Irrigation Repair Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Irrigation Repair Co. offers residential irrigation repair service.

Las Vegas Irrigation Repair Co. offers residential irrigation repairs and regular irrigation inspections to avoid SNWA fines. We recommend a irrigation inspection twice a year early spring & early fall. This regular inspections will help you avoid water water wastage and help you manage your irrigation not to over watering and underwatering.


We inspect the following then we do a irrigation inspection;

Irrigation controller

Irrigation shut off valve

Drip valves

Lawn valves

Wiring connections

We run all the zones and inspect for the following;

Irrigation layout design & function

Identify type of emitter heads

Inspect visible emitter heads 

Inspect lines for leaks

Inspect for expose lines

Inspect for proper emitters to each tree, plant and bush

Inspect zones for water pressure

Inspect sprinkler heads for leaks 

Inspect irrigation nozzle spray and pattern

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