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Las Vegas Irrigation Repair

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We live in a desert climate, which means without adequate irrigation, your yard will not sustain much vegetation. That is the reason why you have an irrigation system on your property. Unfortunately, despite the fact that irrigation water is the single most important factor in the health of your yard, most property owners do not have their irrigation system adjusted for optimum efficiency.

Landscape irrigation uses 50 percent or more of the water provided by many utilities. A poorly maintained irrigation system means that much of this water never reaches its intended source and is lost to runoff, evaporation and deep watering below the root zone.

Maintaining irrigation systems is one of most effective ways to reduce high irrigation system repair bills, wasted water, reduce pollution from run-off and over-irrigation, and lower monthly water bills.

By maintaining your irrigation system you can improve plant health by applying the correct amount of water where it can be utilized by the landscape, in return you will see the benefits of a greener lawn (no more brown spots),trees, shrubs and healthier blooming flowers.

At a minimum, a check of the irrigation system should be performed once per year.

 The Basics of Irrigation Maintenance are:

·         Check controller for proper operation, will assist with timer programming if needed based on customer's specifications.

·         Check electric valves for automatic start & stop

·         Check spray heads and rotors

·         Visual check drip emmitters

·         Check mainline & zone lines for any leaks

·         Check the connection on all of the wires

·         Replace the back-up battery

·         Turn on each zone and look for system damage

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